About Bossy's Bibs

BOSSY'S BIBS LIMITED, Company number 10177577, 
Registered office address: Unit 1-2 52a Western Road, Tring, Herts, United Kingdom, HP23 4BB

Bossy’s Bibs were initially designed over 20 years ago for a M&M WHP named Priory Bossy Boots who was suffering from rug rubs, a problem faced by many horse owners. A friend asked the designer to make one for her show pony as she was so impressed with the results. She, finding the bibs effective and simple to use, in turn recommended them to friends and this is how the business was started.

Since the formation of the business the Bossy’s Bibs team have always been involved in trialling new products on their own horses. These cover a range of sizes and shapes and include Mr P, a Shetland Pony cross, who is a very important member of the team as he also transports Father Christmas to the local village Christmas Fair every year by trap.  Then at Easter Mr P leads the Palm Sunday procession (we daren’t tell him that a donkey is supposed have the lead role!). 

Other Bossy’s Bibs models and testers include Lily, a very wilful Thoroughbred eventer, her son Harvey an ‘eventer wanna be’, Jigsaw the sensible but enthusiastic coloured cob, Ben the elderly Cob x Arab, ex hacker, Gossip the retired Dressage Diva, Columbia the up and coming Dressage Queen and Dougie the reformed Show Jumper.

At Bossy’s Bibs we are always striving to improve and create new products at the request of our customers. In 2011 we launched our ManeGuards and due to a great number of requests from customers we are launching our new Rug for all over protection from rug rubs.  We are proud of the fact that all our products are made in the United Kingdom.

Since the early days Bossy’s Bibs have been voted the ‘Best Bib' in Horse magazine and have had numerous endorsements in many other equestrian publications and on online forums. The bibs and ManeGuards have continued to grow in popularity and many new customers have purchased bibs and ManeGuards on the recommendation of friends who already had a Bossy’s Bib/ManeGuard. Many customers return again and again to buy more of our products. Other customers tell us that they have tried other makes of bibs but ‘Bossy’s Bibs are the only ones that work’.

Bossy’s Bibs are a firm favourite in yards around the world because they work well for all types of horses and ponies.  Happy horses wear Bossy’s Bibs, ManeGuards and Rugs!