Customer Testimonials

I liked the material of this bib. It is lightweight, and does not cling to the horse, so could be used in summer without making the horse sweat at all. It fitted very well and it has a loop at the front where you put the chest straps through, which means it did not twist or move out of place. I also liked the fact that it did not have a belly strap. The hair on my horse’s shoulders has grown back and the bib still looks new.”

Other Quotes:

“Just a little note to tell you how happy we are with our ManeGuards. The mane on both our horses is still intact. Normally at this time of year half of their mane is gone. A friend who after clipping her horse started using full necks on her rugs is regretting not buying one too as her horse has lost all his mane!”

I ordered a ManeGuard from you last week that you helped me get the correct size.  I’ve never ordered from you before so I just wanted to say that it came the very next day and it fits perfect.

Such a great design and material, she has worn it all this week and it has stayed in place in the whole time.  I’m really pleased with this product and also the help and service I got was brilliant.  I will most definitely be shopping with you again and recommending you to friends’.

‘The ManeGuard is easy to put on and take off. Merlin has never worn a bib before and can be very reactive whereas Leo, my 30 year old, lost the sight in one eye earlier this year and because of this he can panic but I have had no problems with either of them. The material, whilst hard wearing can scrunch up really easily to virtually nothing making it a doddle getting it over their heads. The bib itself is very generously cut and doesn't move when fastened at the front.

Leo developed a wither sore and I was quite desperate as to what to do as he needed to wear rugs so he wore the  ManeGuard and within no time the sore had healed.His coat is so lovely and soft when you take his ManeGuard off.

The Bossy's Bib Mane Guard is fantastic - it is one product that I can truly say "does what it says on the tin"! Everyone who has seen my boys wearing it has been very impressed and envious. I know what is on the 'boys' Christmas list - another one so they don't have to share.’

‘Just like to say have been a huge fan for years - bought my first bossy’s bib about '92 ish?! and have used them ever since fantastic product and the best personal attention and customer service ever. Bought your new mane saver as soon as you emailed me to let me know it was out (I requested its invention and you were already working on it :-) its Fantastic :-) well done on another great product - just waiting on the full rug liner now for clean super shiny coats! :-) Thanks a million’

‘Hi There, I have ordered another two bibs for my mare Missie.. 3 years of constant wear and wash has left its mark.. but the bibs can still be used as stand bys along with the other standbys I have from 6 years ago are still used when needed!

This has to be best product I have ever bought for Missie.. as you know from hearing from me over the years Missie must have the thinnest, rub-able skin going! but her shoulders and chest are absolutely fine..

I'll be ordering a mane guard later on in the year too..

She won a show class the other week.. her first ever show class at the age of 19! (we normally do dressage but thought we'd do something different!)

Many thanks once again.”

‘I wanted to pass on my thanks for your wonderful product. Having had serious skin problems with our beautiful skewbald horse, who suffers from sweet itch and very sensitive skin, I am delighted to say that after having worn it under his rugs for the last 2 weeks there is a vast improvement in the quality of his skin and hair is starting to grow too. We have had months of torture trying to work out what to do for the best to give him some relief, but thanks to Bossy's Bibs we have a very happy horse and owners!!!! Thank you :)’

‘I heard about your product after doing a Google search to look for some way of giving the hair on his withers a chance to re-grow. I had asked our vet for advice and was told time was the best healer, which is a pretty logical comment, but I firmly believe that your product has most definitely helped, as there was no growth at all 2 wks ago. Thank you so much and I will definitely pass on how great a product it is to my other friends who have horses.’

‘I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the ManeGuard, I have been using it on my 4 year old warmblood/TB mare since early December  and it has stayed in place even whilst galloping around the paddock and acting like a typical 4 year old. Her mane remains intact despite wearing a heavy weight  rug over the ManeGuard. I wash it and it dries very quickly, it helps her mane stay clean, grease free, and so far no mane loss. I bought my first Bossy’s Bib approximately fifteen years ago so I knew that the Bib prevents shoulder rub so to have one product which deals with shoulder rub and mane protection is a massive plus. I will definitely recommend it to friends’

“Since wearing the ManeGuard my mare has a full mane even after wearing her sweet itch rug all summer. It works under winter rugs too - I have a mane to plait. Thank you Bossy’s Bibs!”

“Amazing, wonderful product. Not only does the ManeGuard protect the main but also the shoulders and withers of my horses. I am thoroughly delighted with this product. The ManeGuard is truly the best item of horse wear I own.”

“I'd like to say how brilliant your bibs are! All 4 of my fine skinned Arabs are using these year round 24/7 and my latest horse arrived with rubbed shoulders, 3 weeks later she has hair! This is one product that is a must have in their wardrobe. Look forward to trying the ManeGuard when it arrives.”

“I just want to say a big thank you for my bib and all your help and also wanted to let you know what a good choice you made to send me a larger size as it fits perfectly. I cannot recommend you or your product enough.”

“Thank you so much for your help. I meant to say how wonderful it was for my two to finish the winter with no bald patches!! What a wonderful product.....”

“I prefer not to use elasticated bibs or quilted bibs, because my pony lives out through the winter - day and night.”

“May I congratulate you on your product. I previously ordered for my old horse (26) who every year has suffered extremely large rug rubs despite all my efforts to buy him the best fitting rugs around. This year I have had no problems and his shoulders appear not to have rubbed at all after using one of your Bossy’s Bibs.”

“I have been using one of your bibs on my Arab for well over a year and I am incredibly impressed. Before discovering your product I tried no end of ways to stop his rugs rubbing, with no success.”

“Last December I purchased two bibs for my horses. I am very pleased as they really do work. I now regard the bibs as essential tack and wish to purchase two more as spares.”

“Thank you for your quick service. I was very pleased with the last one, my horse had no rubs and the bib lasted for two years which I consider good value.”

“Many thanks again for making a product that really works.”

“I am very impressed with the design and function of the bib. I can report that after 7 days there is hair growth (stubble).”

“I will always recommend your product.”

“Just to tell you that the bib we ordered from you last year is absolutely brilliant! We are very pleased with the way it has stood up to the wear and tear of of Mabel wearing it day and night. She is much envied by other ponies and a number of people have enquired after it. There are no rubs in sight! It washes well - and dries quickly. We just wanted to let you know that it has been so good.”

“I shall spread ‘the word’ here in Stafford as not only has it stopped the rubbing but the mare’s hair is actually growing back. Once again many thanks for all your help.”

“So impressed am I by your Bossy’s Bibs - I’d like another!! After the first one got drenched in the downpours over the weekend I’ve decided that I can’t survive with only one!”

“As I say it’s working like a dream, it covers my mare in all the places that suffered last year & she seems very happy wearing it. So thank you very much from one very satisfied customer.”

“I have tried other bibs before but yours truly works. I love its simplicity, your price and your service.”

“Many thanks for your prompt service. The bib you made for my old Arab fits perfectly and I’m amazed to say that the hair is beginning to resurface already. I shall certainly be ordering another bib next winter for my riding horse.”

“I’m writing re the bib I bought from you. My horse wears rugs both indoors/outdoors. His shoulders are in great condition, no rubbed marks. I’ve washed it several times and it keeps in good shape. I’m extremely pleased with it. When I bought it I wondered whether it would fit but it does. He’s 18.2hh.”

“I keep my horse at a farm. His bib is admired so I had no hesitation in recommending your product. Your bib is now worn by several horses here. Just wanted to compliment you on your product as there is too much grumbling in this country and not enough compliments. Thank you Bossy’s Bibs from my horse too...”

“I purchased a Bossy Bib from you about three months ago and just thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how pleased I am with it. (Most companies only hear from unsatisfied customers). For the first time in the six years I have owned by TB cross I have no rub marks at all on his shoulders or chest. The bib washes beautifully and dries in no time.”

“Thank you so much for sending me the bib. As I explained on the phone I have tried another product which purported to prevent shoulder rubbing by rugs which proved totally ineffectual. Your product however has done exactly as the advertisement claimed and I now have a horse, who, despite wearing a rug during the day and a stable rug at night has shoulders with hair on them, which I didn’t think was possible. Many thanks also for the fast, efficient and friendly service.”