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Effective prevention and cure for rug rubs

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® Horse wearing Bossy's Bib to prevent rub rug.

Bossy’s Bibs are worn under both stable and outdoor rugs to give full protection from rug rubs on the shoulders, chest and withers. Hair that has already been lost from these areas will grow again once a Bossy’s Bib is worn.

Bossy’s Bibs are made from a silky breathable fabric which is very effective in keeping the coat smooth and glossy. The bibs are machine washable and quick drying.

There are no straps under the girth or between the legs as these can cause chafing and can also exert pressure on the spine and withers. The design of the bib ensures that it stays in place under the rug. For extra security there is a loop on the front of the bib through which the chest strap of the rug is threaded.

Bossy’s Bibs are available in a range of sizes to fit 11 to 18 hands. Special sizes (including donkeys) can be supplied.

Worn under rugs with full necks

Bossy's Bibs ManeGuard.

This is our exciting new product the Bossy’s Bibs ManeGuard which has been tried and tested on all shapes and sizes of horse and pony.  It has proved to be very effective in the prevention of mane loss and great for taming manes and in addition you have the award winning Bossy’s Bib to prevent rug rubs on the shoulders, chest and withers.

‘Having used Bossy Bibs for many years on my hunters and show horses to successfully eliminate any shoulder rubs I was very pleased to hear that Bossy Bibs had developed the ManeGuard.  I am now using them on my hunters and am very pleased that their manes are no longer being rubbed out.  I highly recommend them and Bossy’s Bibs offer a very helpful service to their customers’ - Mrs Kim Chapman MFH