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Are you and your horse ready for summer?

Are you an ethically minded owner who prefers to buy British made as well as organic, natural and cruelty free products?

Bossy's Bibs are proud manufacturers of quality British made equestrian products. We also support and stock the British brand and British manufacturers, WildWash.

WildWash have created an organic, natural and cruelty free range of skin and coat care for horses and pets with, in our opinion, an effective flea and bug repellent.

Bossy's Bibs "Summer Essentials" features our Bibs and ManeGuards, WildWash organic, natural and cruelty free products: Whitening shampoo, Ultra Shine shampoo, Gentle shampoo, Mane and Tail Detangler and the Flea and Bug Repellent.


Bossy's summer Bibs and ManeGuards come in sun reflecting white. They're an ideal addition as a fly rug under garment to prevent summer rug rubs and mane loss. This silky and tightly woven material used in all of our products, ensures that even the shortest of hairs don't get trapped, therefore eliminating the prospect of friction rubs and hair loss. The material also benefits from being breathable, allowing for year round usage.



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