Wild Wash Products


NEW and exciting products added to Bossy's Range

Bossy's Bibs are proud to now stock the Wild Wash brand, renowned for their natural and healing pet shampoos and cosmetics, they have spent the last two years creating an amazing range of shampoos for horses. These shampoos showcase the most innovative and ground-breaking natural ingredients, which will set new standards for horse care products.

Wild Wash Ingredients

All our shampoos contain Yarrow, Angelica Leaf, Calendula and Nettle all known for their healing and anti-inflammatory benefits. Other ingredients we use throughout our range are Organic Aloe Vera, Neem, sea Kelp and Evening Primrose Oil which have great benefits for the skin and coat.

Our Shampoos are natural and sulphate free, ensuring a very low lather. WildWash shampoos rinse out quickly and easily, saving time and energy. The coat dries in half the time and will be soft and shiny.


Wild Wash Products are Great Value

They all Dilute at 32:1. We have designed our own mixing bottle and a 1 x 30ml portion of shampoo mixed with water is all that is needed to shampoo and horse. This means a 1 Litre bottle can give you up to 33 washes