Bossy's Bib designed with cutaway neck for Arabian Horses, silky layer protects horses shoulders, chest and wither from rug rubs, allows rubbed areas to regrow.

Bossy's Bibs Arabian

Bossy's Bibs Arabian 

Bossy's Bibs designed with a cutaway neck for pure bred Arabians, are worn under both outdoor and stable rugs and effectively prevent and cure the shoulders, chest and withers from rug rubs. Existing rubbed areas will soon regrow.

Main Features

  • Prevents hair loss from shoulders, chest and withers

  • Worn under all rugs

  • Protects top rug from grease build-up

  • Allows rubbed hair to re-grow

  • Superior quality fabric and tailoring

  • Fully machine washable at 40°C

  • We can make made to measure bibs for unusual sizes

  • Velcro front fastenings are available for head shy horses and ponies, please contact the office or add a request in the notes when ordering. There will be an additional charge of £5 for this option and delivery time will be longer due to it being a bespoke order


      The build of the horse needs to be taken into account when choosing a size. For borderline cases and if the horse is particularly fine for its height then go down a size. If the horse has a particularly thick neck, then we suggest the Large Neck size or alternatively you can measure the circumference of your horse’s neck, and contact us for our recommendation.


      * Please see Fitting Video which shows where to measure. If you would like any further advice on selecting the correct size please view the fitting page or contact us.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews Write a review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews Write a review