Why Your Horse May Benefit From a Rug Rub Prevention Product

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It's already September! How fast is 2020 passing us by?

With the U.K. experiencing some wonderful late summer warmth and sunshine, many of us have already clipped our horses and some of us may have turned our attention to the colder shorter days. Does the onset of Autumn/Winter and the prospect of rugging your horse fill you with rug rub dread? If so, Bossy's Bibs may have the solution.  

Bossy's Bibs is a family run business based in the Home Counties, with all of our products being manufactured here in the U.K. We specialise in equine "Rug Rub Prevention" garments from chest Bibs to an All in One for total rug rub protection. 

If your horse is prone to rubs on the chest, shoulders and withers then our Bossy's Bib is the product for you. We manufacture sizes from the tiniest of minis to the largest of drafts.


For horses that wear a full neck and subsequently suffer from mane loss, our tried and tested ManeGuard is the product for your horse. Not only can it prevent mane loss but like the Bossy's Bib, it will help prevent rug rubs to the shoulders, chest and withers. Many of our customers also use the versatile ManeGuard to protect plaits and to keep them nice and clean whilst travelling and before competitions.   


The hips are another area rugs can rub. The Bossy's RugGuard not only helps to prevent rug rubs to the hips but also helps to protect the same commonly rubbed areas our Bossy's Bibs protect. Due to the material we use in our "Rug Rub Prevention" products, the RugGuard is also a best seller for helping to keep the coat clean and shiny. It can also be used for protecting grease build up on the underside of an outer rug, therefore alleviating the amount of expensive specialist rug washes required.  


For horses needing a full rug rub prevention garment then our All in One is the ideal product. It's a combination of our ManeGuard and RugGuard.                       


We at Bossy's Bibs love to hear from our customers and are happy to advise on which product and size is best suited to your horse. We also offer a bespoke service. 



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