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There is no escaping the seriousness of the current Covid 19 pandemic which has seen, for now, our daily lives changed beyond all recognition. A global effort on a scale never seen in our lifetime is underway to contain and curb the spread of this virus. However, the U.K. government is currently encouraging online businesses to stay trading in an effort to not only help the economy but to encourage people to stay at home, stay safe and not accelerate the spread of Covid 19.

We at Bossy's Bibs know just how much, like us, you as horse owners love our equine friends and that we tend to selflessly put their needs above our own. So, we'd just like to remind our customers and followers that as Bossy's Bibs are U.K. manufacturers and as we are predominantly an online business, we are currently still open for business. We'd like to reassure our customers that of course we are adhering to the stringent government recommendations in doing so. However, in order to keep our staff and their families safe we have made some temporary changes to the way we operate.

Apart from our MD and the Bossy's Bibs fluffy four legged team, all of the Bossy's Bibs team are working from home, so all orders are currently fulfilled by our MD.


We'd also like to mention that we are always at the end of the phone if you have any questions about our products. Alternatively, if you feel you'd like some human interaction you can always contact us on Zoom bossy@bossysbibs.com. We do acknowledge that most horse owners prefer to chat to their horses- hahaha. However, with the current lockdown restrictions you may not be able to see or be with your horse as much as you'd like. We are a friendly team here at Bossy's Bibs, so we'd be happy to chat to you.

Stay safe and virus free.


Love the Bossy's Bibs Team.


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