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With the escalating and devastating effects of climate change increasingly hitting headlines, companies and individuals have become more environmentally aware. We have become far more knowledgeable on how our everyday choices in the present will affect our environment, not only for us and future generations but for the diverse, precious and precarious ecosystems across the world.  

Plastic seems to be one of the most targeted environmental issues, but it's one of the easiest to address. We've all seen the devastating images of millions of tonnes of plastic waste which has found its way to the oceans, the devastation it is causing to our sea-life and the fact that plastic particles are being found in the seafood we eat. However, it's not just our oceans and sea-life that are suffering from this escalation in plastic litter, but plastic litter found inland is also causing major environmental impacts to our land based microbiology, animals and birds. Just by making simple changes to our lifestyle habits, we can vastly reduce the amount of plastic we use and waste. The easiest of these habits to change is avoiding the use of plastic bags where possible. Obviously, using no plastic bags isn't always practical, the amount of rain we've experienced here in the U.K. this winter has meant many soggy paper, material or hessian bags, with the goods we've bought suffering as a consequence. However, if we must use plastic, then surely biodegradable/compostable versions are the best option. If like us, you like the idea of a huge reduction in plastic waste for the benefit of the environment, then you'll be pleased to know that Bossy's Bibs uses biodegradable mailers.    

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