Bossy's Bibs ReinGuards: Protecting Your Horses Neck from Rein Rubs.

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Bossy's Bibs ReinGuards were designed partly in response to our customers wishes and partly in response to recognising that reins, particularly against clipped necks, have a tendency to rub. 


Many horse owners despair when tack or rugs rub their horses well maintained coat, creating at worst painful sores and at best unsightly bald areas. Once an area has been rubbed it can take a long time for the skin to heal and for the hair to grow back, so logically prevention is best. 

The ReinGuard is designed to unobtrusively wrap around the part of the rein where it touches the horses neck, therefore allowing the rein to glide easily across the hair, thus preventing rubbing. Made from the same quality material as our world renowned rug rub prevention products, they are easy and simple to attach to the rein.    


Bossy's Bibs ReinGuards are sold in pairs and come in 3 different width sizes 1/2" 5/8" and 3/4". To work out which size is the correct one for your rein, all you need to do is measure the rein width.


For more information on Bossy's Bibs ReinGuards and our "Rug Rub Prevention" products go to or call us on +44 (0)1442 824033, we always love chatting to our customers. 

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