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Over the years of horse, livestock and dog ownership, I find it’s the small things that help to save time without compromise. I’ve also developed middle aged grumpyitis and find certain things beyond annoying. One of my pet hates is soggy sleeves and water running up my arms whilst bathing the animals in an attempt to turn them into pristine and coiffured beauties or simply to rid them of that freshly rolled in excrement smell! I also find that once animal and handler/rider are immaculate, these precious beasties, under their Animal Code Section 1.1 (Wow do animals have a sense of humour!), find every opportunity to apply slobber, grime, mud or hair to your newly dry cleaned/washed jacket – argh!!!

Woohoo, help is here in the form of Bossy’s Bibs CleanCuffs. These clever, Cuffs are designed to be worn over your garment sleeves and they are simply brilliant! Bossy’s Bibs have given us two options, waterproof or non waterproof and these marvels come in regular and large sizes. Since owning these small but mighty items, I’ve found that I no longer dread or feel as cross about so many chores.

  • The cleaning of water troughs and water buckets, although not a joy, my arms are now at least dry.
  • Bathing my animals, my sleeves stay dry and that irritating trickle of water up my arms is no more.
  • The dreaded realisation that your home sharing hound has rolled in whatever disgusting scent, eau de fox poo, eau de badger poo or whichever is the fragrance of the month is not such a horror to remove. These wonderful cuffs manage to eliminate the transference of eau de …….. from your hound to your jumper/shirt/jacket sleeves, helping to reduce the amount of nose wrinkling as you go about your daily business.
  • My sleeves are not torn to shreds by my demonic cats, when attempting to bathe them, apply flea treatments or worm them.
  • The sleeves of my competition jackets/shirts are no longer in fear from grease, slobber, make-up, oils, chalk and whatever else my beloved animals wish to wipe over my arms.
  • Sleeves are also protected from your choice of anti-chew products for your wood/fencing. Don’t horses just love to chew fencing, what’s that about? I guess a topic for another blog.
  • Now, I’m fortunate that my other half loves clean vehicles and hates sending them to be washed, so washes them himself. These little miracles save me trying to remove car wax from his sleeves so another tick for labour/time saving.

CleanCuffs are, as stated already, simply brilliant. I’ve only touched on a few of their uses but I’m sure there are many more. Perhaps keeping sleeves clean whilst decorating, oven cleaning, tinkering with machinery, the list it seems is endless.

CleanCuffs are this years must have item for those wishing to keep sleeves clean at competitions, shows and events. Ideal for a line up they can be easily removed and are small enough to fit into pockets without spoiling the line of jackets – They Are Brilliant!!


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