Bossy’s ReinGuards- the On Trend Accessory for Your Horse

Posted by Lisa Hughes on

We all like to stay fashionably up-to-date when it comes to our wardrobe and that of our horse/pony, so perhaps it will come as no surprise that rein covers have become a must have item. Since their launch, Bossy’s ReinGuards have fast become one of the top selling accessories for your horse/pony. These simple yet effective rein covers, as the name suggests, protect your horse/pony from rubs on their neck caused by the reins.

As with all of Bossy’s Bibs products, the ReinGuards are UK made. They simply attach to your reins with a Velcro strip and are made from the same quality material as our world renowned bibs. Unlike some other rein covers, the Bossy’s ReinGuards are unobtrusive, light weight and do not slip/move/slide, so stay neatly in place without the need for martingale stops, rubber bands or sticky tape which of course defeats the purpose of rein covers. Coming in different widths to accommodate various rein sizes the ReinGuards do not interfere with that all important connection and contact between you and your horse, as they are so light weight, neat fitting and unobtrusive. Another positive for these protective rein covers is they help keep grease off of your reins – less cleaning is surely a good thing!


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