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We all love our horses to look their best when out competing and spend a lot of time and money on vets, farriers, show preparation, deciding which competitions to go to, entry fees, feeding for condition and performance, striving for a healthy, shiny coat and training. There are many products on the market to assist with the choices we make for our horses, coupled with advice from professionals.  

Any product that makes life easier and reduces the time spent in competition preparation is always going to be a big hit. The Bossy’s Bibs big hitters, used and endorsed by both professional and amateur show horse and competition horse producers certainly help to keep your horses coat in top condition, we even have a product to help keep the sleeves of your show jackets clean too.

Bossy’s Bibs RugGuard

These wonderful under rugs are ideal for maintaining a fantastically shiny coat all year round, with the added bonus of preventing rug rubs which is at the core of Bossy’s Bibs products. Many show producers also use the RugGuard after bathing the horse to help keep the coat lying flat and then by leaving it on overnight and whilst travelling will ultimately produce a dazzling show shine.

Bossy’s Bibs ReinGuards

Many horses suffer from rein rubs, especially when clipped or when sporting their fine summer coat. The ReinGuards, see previous blog, do exactly what you’d expect, they protect the neck from rein rubs. Coming in different sizes to fit most rein widths so they stay neatly in place, these lightweight guards don’t interfere with the contact like some other rein guard products as they don’t move or bounce with the gaits.

Bossy’s Bibs CleanCuffs

Does your horse like to rub his face and mouth on your competition jacket leaving makeup and slobber marks on your jacket sleeves? Are you fed up with constantly having to get your jacket dry cleaned and having to be organised enough to make sure you send it to the dry cleaners between shows? Do you dislike the way your arms get soaked when bathing your horse? Would you like to be able to keep your jacket sleeves clean when adding those finishing touches of horse makeup, oils and saddle soap? Then CleanCuffs could be for you. CleanCuffs come either as waterproof or non-waterproof and are small enough when folded to fit in a pocket so are also ideal to be used in a show ring line-up. Please see a previous blog for the multitude of uses for these amazingly practical cuffs.  

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