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It would appear that at least for now, spring has sprung. The warmer weather and longer days are seeing our horses shedding their winter coats which for some horses can be an irritating experience and can cause the coat to look dull and greasy. As caring owners we like to do all we can to help relieve the irritation of moulting and to help bring the coat back to a healthy shine. An easy way to help the integrity of the coat is to bathe our horses, but what shampoo to use? 

Bossy's Bibs are stockist for WildWash natural equine shampoos as they contain no nasty chemicals that are toxic for your horse or the environment. This brand of shampoo is free from Parabens, Phthalates, Phosphates, Petrochemicals, Sulphates or PEG’s. WildWash products engage with our natural abundance of flora and botanicals and intelligently and honestly utilise their natural, healing and enriching properties to work perfectly with your pet’s sensitive skin. The team at Bossy's Bibs have all seen fantastic results using the WildWash equine shampoos, this coupled with the fact they are natural and British made fitted with our company ethos hence why we became stockists. So which shampoos do we currently stock? We stock three different shampoos, one for darker horses, one for greys, palominos and white horses and one for sensitive skin and foals. 

The ideal partner for the WildWash shampoos are Bossy's Bibs Waterproof CleanCuffs. These wonderful cuffs help to keep your sleeves dry whilst washing your horse, they are also invaluable in keeping your competition jacket/shirt sleeves clean from dirt/muck/slobber and are small enough to pop into a pocket when not in use. We also find them brilliant when cleaning out buckets and water troughs and when cleaning cars, trailers and lorries. 

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