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With the change in seasons and our wonderfully erratic weather here in the UK, we often have to second guess which rug our beloved horse will require for the day. If like me you don’t like to over rug your horse, unseasonably warm temperatures like we saw in February coupled with cold snaps which we can still experience in May are a cause for consternation!

Not only do we have to decide which rug is best for the days weather, many of us, me included, have a vast wardrobe for our horse worth far more than our own wardrobe. My poor long suffering husband doesn’t have a clue as to how many rugs my horse has! There are times he mentions he hasn’t seen a particular rug (because it’s new) I always casually say, “What that old thing, surely you’ve seen it before….” much as I do when I've bout a new outfit- hahaha. I have no idea why I feel I have to bend the truth except to say, my horse has so many rugs I daren’t let him know just how many.

So, with this vast, expensive wardrobe of rugs, you’d like to hope that they don’t rub your horse creating unsightly areas where the hair has rubbed away or even worse, horror of horrors, you’d like to hope they don’t rub your horses beautiful mane out! Unfortunately for us, no matter how much you pay for a rug, some will still rub. So if you don’t like your horse looking unkempt with bald patches or parading around with a frizzy mane, what do you do about it?

Luckily Bossy’s Bibs has a solution to various rug rub issues. With 25 years of experience in manufacturing rug rub prevention products here in the UK and distributing worldwide, we have a product to suit your horse’s requirements. One of our best selling products, Bossy’s Bib, prevents rubs to the shoulder, chest and wither areas. Bossy’s ManeGuard, not only prevents rubs to the areas the bib protects, but it helps smooth the mane, prevent mane loss, helps in allowing manes to grow back and is fabulous at keeping plaits neat and tidy whilst travelling. The Bossy’s RugGuard not only helps prevent rug rubs to the wither, chest, shoulder and hip areas, it also helps keep your horses coat shiny and prevents grease build up on top rugs, therefore reducing the amount of times your top rug needs washing and ultimately has to ruin your washing machine!  

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