Summer Sun, Flies, Fly Rugs and Rug Rubs!

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The thermostat is rising- Woohoo! However, as much as we love (hopefully) a hot, balmy summer, many horses are plagued by flies. Luckily, there is a plethora of choice of fly repellent products, such as fly sprays, fly masks/fringes and fly rugs. 

Many competition horses tend to be turned out in fly rugs. This is due in part to obviously relieve the irritation of flies but also to stop your horses colour fading from the sunlight. Bossy's Bibs sponsored rider, Helen Newbold, turns her dark coloured horses out in fly rugs to help protect the coat from UV bleaching. Unfortunately though, fly rugs can sometimes cause rug rubs. So, if you need your competition horse to have a coat and mane in top condition or you just hate the look of rug rubs, what do you do? Do you leave them without a fly rug at the mercy of the flies and UV bleaching or do you rug and put up with the rug rubs and rubbed out mane?Neither is the answer!

Bossy's Bibs has been manufacturing rub rub prevention products for 25 years here in the UK. Our much loved Bibs come in many sizes from ones to fit Minis to ones that fit the largest of horse. Our bibs protect your horses shoulders, chest and withers from rug rubs. Our ManeGuards protect everything our world renowned bibs protect but they also help protect rugs with necks from rubbing the mane out too, making plaiting easier and, lets face it, we all want neat, regular sized plaits. Our products are made from a quality breathable material and they also come in a reflective summer white so your horse shouldn't get hot whilst enjoying some quality field and grass munching time! 



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