A Healthy Coat with Chemical Free and Cruelty Free WildWash Natural Horse Shampoo

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Bossy’s Bibs are stockists of WildWash Natural Horse Shampoo. We stock the wonderfully effective Gentle Shampoo for sensitive coats and foals, Ultra Shine Shampoo for bay, black and chestnut coats and the amazing Whitening Shampoo for grey, white and palomino coats. Sulphate, Paraben, Petrochemical, PEG, Phthalates and Phosphate free.  

You've seen the pictures of the gorgeous Connemara Rupert and stunning Spanish Dessi with their bright white coats, courtesy of WildWash Whitening Shampoo. So, we decided to wash the handsome Bisto in the Ultra Shine shampoo as he's dark brown and currently a bit dirty from his favourite past time of outdoor living and eating grass! As he's a bit of a fidgety, please himself type character we couldn't give you an amusing video but we could give you a step by step photo diary as he did stay still long enough to snap a few pictures! The WildWash shampoo and mixing bottle were quite happy to stay still and be photographed - hehe! 

Step 1

Buy Ultra Shine Shampoo and Mixing Bottle


Step 2

Pour Ultra Shine Shampoo up to the lower line on the mixing bottle.

Step 3

Add water up to the top line on mixing bottle.

Step 4

Find one grumpy, disgruntled, dirty and dusty horse.

Step 5

Wet reluctant horse all over and then using the shampoo mixture in the mixing bottle apply all over. Massage in, which creates a much happier horse - hahaha!

Please note, as the shampoo is natural and sulphate free it is very low lather which means less rinsing so less water usage - a win win. 

It appears that horse likes the taste and smell of WildWash Ultra Shine Natural Horse Shampoo.

Step 6

Rinse off, all the while telling horse their "Get Clean and Shiny" ordeal is nearly over.

Step 7

Leave a now happier, less itchy, less irritated horse to dry and owner can step back and marvel at her horses awesomeness! 


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