Bossy's Bibs Turns 25

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We are really excited to announce that this year we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary – WooHoo!

It is with great pride that for a quarter of a century we have been supporting UK manufacturing and retailing rug rub prevention products. The initial need for rug rub prevention products was identified by Bossy’s Bibs founder and owner of New Forest pony, Priory Bossy Boots, whose rug rubs were ruining his coat and affecting his showing career. The success of the prototype bib on Bossy Boots now healthy, rub free, shiny coat meant the Bossy’s Bib became our launch product with it quickly becoming a world renowned yard staple. Over the last 25 years, we are proud to say we have a loyal customer following, which we attribute to our quality manufacturing and material, and of course to our customer service and now multiple rug rub prevention products.

So, to say thank you to all of our lovely customers past present and future we will be running a series of promotions and fun competitions throughout the summer. We will also have a pop up stand at a few events at Bury Farm Equestrian Centre and will be holding a Birthday celebration at RB Equestrian. All will be revealed on our social media pages. For more information on our full product range please go to

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