"Healthy Skin, Shiny Coat" Competition Collection

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Bossy's Bibs is currently celebrating. This year is our 25th Anniversary and it's all due to our wonderful customers. 

As part of our celebrations we have added a new collection to our website - the "Competition Collection." The collection centres around our desire to support UK manufacturing and our company ethos, "Healthy Skin, Shiny Coat." The Competition Collection comprises of our internationally renowned RugGuard, a choice of one of the WildWash cruelty free,chemical free horse shampoos and the WildWash Mixing Bottle. These products are designed to aid and maintain healthy skin and a shiny, healthy coat, with the mixing bottle minimising shampoo wastage.  


Bossy's Bibs RugGuard is manufactured here in the UK and is made from a durable, silky, high quality material. Due to the silky nature of the material, it's main use is to prevent and cure rug rubs from the shoulder, chest, wither and hip areas, but it's also highly effective in producing a shiny coat.The material Bossy's Bibs uses across the range of products is also breathable, therefore aiding in maintaining healthy skin and a healthy coat.


We became stockists of UK brand WildWash natural horse shampoos as we felt these products sat well within our product range. Not only are they cruelty free which is extremely important to us but equally as important is the fact that WidWash products are Sulphate, Paraben, PEG, Phosphate, Petrochemical and Phthalate free. The lack of harsh chemicals is not only good news for your horse but also for you and the environment. We stock three different WildWash natural horse shampoos aimed at different colour coats and sensitive skin. 


Both Bossy's Bibs RugGuard and WildWash natural horse shampoo are the perfect partners to aid and enhance the integrity of your horses skin and coat. For more information please visit www.bossysbibs.com 

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