Bossy's Bibs Rug Rub Cure and Prevention Summer Collection

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It's official, it's summer! Long days, hopefully bathed in sunshine and warmth, but of course this means the return of biting insects. Not great for your midge hating, fly loathing, biting insect detesting horse! Those pesky flies and midges can cause allergies and misery to our horses. So, what can we do to help them?

The easiest way to protect against biting insects such as horse flies and midges, is to rug against these bothersome biting blighters. However, for many horses, summer is a time when we as owners make the most of the longer, hopefully warmer days and enter as many competitions as possible. This of course means our horses have to look coiffed, with healthy, shiny coats. Unfortunately, due to the nature of fly rug material, your horses hair can become caught in the micro holes which can lift the coat causing friction burns and can in turn lead to bald patches appearing on shoulders, chests and withers as well as mane loss.Not ideal for competition turnout! 

There is, as with most things in life an easy solution to rug rub woes. Bossy's Bibs has a summer collection of rug rub prevention and cure products. This includes our popular products in a light reflecting white. Our material is designed to be strong and durable with a non hair catching silky quality, but perhaps more importantly for warmer climes and hot days, it is breathable. 

So if  your horse needs rugging and suffers with unsightly rug rubs, Bossy's Bibs has a solution.

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