Bossy's Bibs Prevention and Cure from Rug Rubs

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With the competition season in full swing, not only do we as riders want to look our best but we certainly want our horses to look fabulous. Unfortunately, fly rugs can cause unsightly rubs to the shoulder, wither and chest areas.  

If your horse is plagued by flies and is turned out in a fly rug which is causing rubs, there is a cost effective and very simple solution - a Bossy's Bib.

Our bibs come in 5 colours, with sunlight reflecting white being the most popular colour for use under a fly rug.


Bossy's Bibs are:-



Made from a quality fabric

Made in Britain          

Our bibs are used successfully to allow hair regrowth after a rug has rubbed. However, prevention is always better than cure. 

No one wants their horses to have rubbed, sore shoulders which in turn can lead to infection, which is why our bibs are not only favoured amongst producers and competitors alike but also with those of us that just want our horses to be happy, healthy and "Rug Rub Free!" 

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