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For 25 years Bossy's Bibs has been proudly manufacturing effective rug rub prevention products. Back in 1994 we launched our first product, the bib. The idea and design came about as Bossy's Bibs founder, Patsy Newton, had a rather special New Forest pony, Priory Bossy's Boots, whose show ring and competition turn out was being marred by rug rubs, hence the formation of Bossy's Bibs.


There was such an amazing response to the Bossy's Bib, it appeared many horses and ponies were suffering unsightly and often sore rug rubs. However, it wasn't just rug rubs to the chest, wither and shoulder areas that were affected, our customers were telling us that hips were also being rubbed and with the advent of rugs with necks, mane loss became prevalent. 

Over the years, to address these other rug rubbed areas, several new products were designed and trialled resulting in their manufacture. So apart from our world renowned bibs, what are some of these other products and what are their benefits?

RugGuard provides full body protection, not only preventing rug rubs to the chest, wither and shoulder areas but also the hips. This rug is also used by many to prevent grease build up and help promote a healthy, shiny coat. A great under layer to help keep the underside of top rugs free from grease. 


ManeGuard a hybrid of a neck cover and a bib, this popular product has proved extremely effective in preventing mane loss caused by rugs with necks as well as offering all the protection afforded by our bib. We also have customers buying the ManeGuard to protect plaits whilst travelling or to help keep plaits neat if left in overnight for early classes. With the increase in "Traditional Horse", "Iberian" and Native classes where manes are an important feature, the ManeGuard has become an invaluable wardrobe item. 


ReinGuards these simple yet effective rein covers are unobtrusive and light weight so they don't interfere with the contact. Designed specifically to prevent reins from rubbing the neck, they've also proved useful in helping to keep reins clean and free of grease where they touch the neck. They also make an ideal gift for any horse owning friend or family member! 

For 25 years Bossy's Bibs is proud to be supporting British manufacturing as all of our products are made in Britain and we are incredibly proud to be supporting our customers in their quest to keep their horses and ponies free from rug rubs. 

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