Keeping the Clipped Horse's Coat Healthy

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It’s that time of year again when we lament the passing of summer and turn out minds to working out what rug our horse should wear. It seems for only a brief time that our horses sported their beautiful, summer, sleek and shiny coat and they have now become an unrecognisable itchy, hairy creature resembling a deep pile rug! That extra layer of hair provides the most amazing insulating properties which eco-friendly house builders can only dream of but it is not ideal for horses in work. Getting your winter coated horse hot and sweaty with exercise creates issues with cooling them down and the possibility they can catch a chill in doing so, hence one of the reasons why we opt to clip.

There are so many different styles of clip, with some extremely patient and artistic people creating some wonderful effects, from turning your horse into Pegasus to a giraffe! You have chosen your style of clip based on how much work, how hot, how artistic you are etc and you are now having to rug your horse. But how do we keep our horse’s rugged and clipped coat healthy and if you’ve spent ages designing a unique clip, how do you keep it looking its best?

Hot towelling is one of the best ways to maintain a healthy coat and skin; I prefer to use Epsom salts in my tub of hot water to help withdraw any toxins and impurities but you may prefer a few drops of baby oil to add a shine. However, if your horse finds being clipped irritating, there are many products available to help soothe the itch which can be poured into your hot tub of water to administer with your hot towel.

Despite the many benefits of rugging, being rugged can sometimes compromise the integrity of the coat. Your horse may experience unsightly and sore rug rubs to the shoulders, whither, chest and mane loss due to rugs with necks. You may also notice a build-up of grease to the body of your horse. Luckily products such as the Bossy’s Bib, Bossy’s ManeGuard, Bossy’s RugGuard and Bossy’s All-In-One can alleviate these problems.

All of the Bossy’s Bibs horse wear products are designed to effectively prevent and cure rubs from rugs. The Bossy’s Bib is designed to primarily prevent and cure rubs to the shoulders, chest and wither, with the Bossy’s ManeGuard as well as having all the benefits of the bib, also helps prevent mane loss.

The Bossy’s RugGuard is an ideal under-rug effectively preventing rubs from your top rug but just as importantly using this anti rub rug helps prevent the build -up of grease on your top rug. This lightweight and hard wearing rug is fully machine washable and with the added advantage of having no metal is washing machine friendly! So with frequent hot towelling and daily use of the Bossy’s RugGuard , your horses coat should stay shiny, less greasy and healthy. The Bossy’s All-In-One combines all the superior benefits of our RugGuard and ManeGuard, providing total body and neck protection from rug rubs, please note this is a bespoke product.

All of our products are shipped worldwide and are manufactured in the UK using a specialist material providing a silky, protective and hard wearing layer. So say goodbye to rug rubs and say hello, to a healthy, shiny coat.          

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