8 Reasons Why Bossy’s Bibs are an Essential Part of Your Horses Wardrobe

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Bossy’s Bibs were first designed nearly 25 years ago for a Mountain and Moorland Working Hunter Pony suffering from rug rubs.  Proven to prevent rug rubs and to allow hair to regrow if rugs have been used without a Bossy’s Bib, they have become yard favourites all across the world. So why should Bossy’s Bibs be an essential part of your horses’ wardrobe?

  1. Bossy’s Bibs are proven to not only prevent rug rubs to the shoulder, wither and chest areas but they also aid in the regrowth of hair in the event that a rug worn without a bib has caused rubs.
  2. Made from a superior material with quality tailoring means Bossy’s Bibs have longevity, unless of course your horse is a wardrobe destroyer!
  3. As the material is breathable, they can be worn under both stable and outdoor rugs throughout the year.
  4. Bossy’s Bibs fit all types, shapes and sizes of horses and ponies as they are manufactured in nine different sizes from extra small pony to super plus with a range specifically designed for Arabs.
  5. The bib can be purchased in five different colours; Navy, Black, White, Burgandy and Bottle Green so there’s a colour to suit every complexion!
  6. Support British Manufacturing, all of the products are “Made in Britain”.
  7. For head shy horses Bossy’s Bibs manufacture a bib with Velcro fastenings so there’s no need to cause anxiety by pulling over the head.
  8. Bossy’s Bibs offers a made to measure service, ideal for the smallest of ponies and the largest of horses.

So for all of your rug rub solutions visit www.bossysbibs.com

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