Are These The Best Stocking Fillers For The Discerning Equestrian?

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Are you searching for the perfect gift for the horse loving person in your life? Bossy’s Bibs Waterproof CleanCuffs could be that perfect gift or stocking filler.

  • Does your horse loving partner or friend complain about how dirty the sleeves of their competition jacket gets?
  • Is their jacket at the dry cleaners too often?
  • Do they get wet arms when washing out buckets, water troughs, washing down stables etc?
  • Do they complain about how the water trickles down their arms when washing tails, legs or the whole horse?
  • Would they rather not get soggy sleeves when washing the car, trailer or lorry?
  • If you can identify with any of these horse owning issues then CleanCuffs are an ideal present!

An ideal edition to any show box, they are designed to be worn over a competition jacket when adding the finishing touches to the horse at competitions as they help protect jacket sleeves from oils, lotions and potions. They are also invaluable at keeping horse make-up and slobber away from jacket sleeves whilst waiting in the line-up for the trot up.  

When washing horses, stables, water troughs or modes of transport, by wearing CleanCuffs over your jacket and rubber gloves, arms will stay dry, so no more horrible soggy sleeves! They are also ideal for keeping sleeves dry and clean when cleaning tack.

If you know someone that likes tinkering with bicycles or machinery, CleanCuffs will help keep sleeves clean and away from oily parts. They are also ideal for children that like making a mess when being creative or by just being kids who will often get their sleeves dirty. With multiple uses, CleanCuffs really are this year’s must have Christmas present.   

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