Why Every Tack Room Should Have Bossy's Bibs ReinGuards

Posted by Lisa Hughes on

Bossy’s Bibs are world renowned for rug rub prevention products, but perhaps are not so well known for the accessories range. One of the increasingly popular accessories is the ReinGuards. With the advent of all year competing and keeping our horses in work for most of the year, rein rubs appear to be a common problem, especially on the clipped horse. This of course poses a problem for show horses where the coat needs to be as healthy and blemish free as possible. However, rein rubs aren’t always just un-sightly, they can also become sore and perhaps cause your horse to have contact issues due to the pressure of the rein on their sore neck or cause your horse to undertake other evasion tactics!

Why use Bossy’s Bibs ReinGuards?

  • Unobtrusive and light weight so avoid interference with the contact
  • Protect the neck from hair loss caused by the reins
  • Help prevent sores caused by reins
  • Help to keep reins clean and free of grease where they touch the neck
  • Stops transfer of leather dye from new reins on light coloured horses

 ReinGuards are ideal for clipped horses, those with a fine coat and sensitive skin and conversely they are also ideal for unclipped horses, natives, traditional cobs and horses light in colour- I love mine!

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